Products for cogeneration

Consumables, catalysts, motor oil and liquids


  • carbon: high quality impregnated activated carbon for collection of H2S from biogas prior to combustion in a cogeneration unit
  • spark plugs: delivery of high quality original and alternative spark plugs for common types of cogeneration units (MWM, GEJ, Denso, BERU, NGK)
  • filters: the entire range of air and oil filters (incl. UPF, turbo, biogas) for CHP MWM TCG 2016 2020.2032, Jenbacher, Schnell, MAN


  • catalyst: economically optimal catalysts in price / performance ratio to meet the legally prescribed limits of emissions, particularly NOx, CO, formaldehyde
  • for CHP: Jenbacher, MWM, Schnell, Agrogen, 2G, MAN, MTU, AWT, re-purchase of the catalysts
  • exchange system for catalyst: design, supply and installation of an adapter flange on the flue gas path for inserting catalyst (incl. isolation and sensors)

Motor oils and fluids

  • oil for gas engines: high quality semi-synthetic oils with extended change intervals for:
    • CHP burning biogas with a higher content of residual H2S
    • CHP burning biogas with a low residual H2S (oils with significantly extended change intervals)
  • coolant coolant manufacturer-approved by CHP MWM, Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Perkins, Waukesha