Services for biogas plant operators, new projects, pricelist

For biogas plant operators

Biological service

  • BS1: pH, FOS, TAC, FOS/TAC, TS, oTS, OLR (organic loading rate), HRT (hydraulic retention time)
  • BS2: pH, FOS, TAC, FOS/TAC, TS, oTS, acetic acid + propionic acid, NH4-N, el. conductivity, OLR, HRT
  • SP: emergency service provided at the time of 7:00 - 21:00 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    Note: Biological Service (BS) from the beginning is usually maintained at 2-week intervals, with each alternating BS1 and BS2. In the case of interest is the possibility of product BS0. Based on your analysis provided, we professionally evaluate needs, condition and risk of fermentation process.
  • test A: progressive determination of biogas yield of raw materials
  • test B: progressive determination of residual biogas production from digestate
  • miniFlex: additive based on trace elements and vitamins for anaerobic digestion
  • miniFlex II: additive based on trace elements and vitamins for the fermentation with a view to reducing hydrogen sulphide in the biogas
  • elements: analysis of 9 basic trace elements
  • turbo: start anaerobic digestion to reach full power of biogas power plant

Administrative service

  • revision: it is a babysitting service and ensure all necessary revisions and training to operate biogas plants under applicable legislation
  • agenda: creation of a compulsory agenda for the operation of biogas power station (BPS) under applicable legislation (administrative activities associated with the operation BPS, negotiations with the relevant authorities and institutions, for example. ERO, ministries, DSOs, CF etc.)
  • announcement fertilizers: chemical analysis of digestate and processing of his announcement as fertilizer for the purpose of free sale (CISTA)

Technical service

  • post-warranty service of BPS: providing customer service all the parts and components of your BPS (feeding table auger conveyors, mixers, pumps, replacement of gas tanks/membranes, separators, etc.)
  • reconstruction: providing projections and rebuilding parts of the BPS (eg. pipelines, gas tank, technical room, infrastructure)
  • components: ensuring the supply and installation of all BPS components (securing components directly from manufacturers from Germany and Austria)
  • consumption: optimization of own consumption of BPS electricity
  • repowering: ensuring projection and extension of BPS in order to increase electric power
  • hygienization: design, design and implementation hygienization equipment

New projects of BPS

New projects

  • development: design of optimal miniBPS solution (wet / dry / combined digestion) for performances from 40 kWel
  • projection: provide complete project documentation (DUR, DSP, EIA, reports, studies, energy audits) for the new BPS or its extension
  • realization: delivery of complete designed biogas power station

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